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Music Publishing

We focus on creating trends rather than following them. We believe in the value of creators and we fight like hell to protect, elevate and empower them. We believe that good meta-data can be as sexy as a hit song. We think big, we dream big and we aren’t afraid to swing big. We strive to make a global impact but believe that the world starts at home. Our team is passionate and driven and together we create exciting, innovative and impactful opportunities for our writers and partners.

  • complete copyright administration
  • full creative services
    • film/TV pitch placement and licensing
    • ad agent and video game placement and licensing
    • international sync promotion and licensing
    • national and international cut and cover pitch opportunities
    • music library services
  • forensic publishing
  • copyright reclamation
  • IP reconciliation and reversion
  • estate IP management
  • corporate catalogue administration and sync licensing
  • sub publishing
  • transparent and quarterly accounting