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Adam Faux



Adam Faux was born in Toronto, Ontario to an eccentric designer and proto hippie sculptor. He spent years living in geodesic domes and 28-sided houses and even a real farm house. Adam attended the Ontario College of Art at the tender age of five – okay, he ran around the halls for a year or so while Al Faux taught, and around Maggie’s Farm (an O.C.A.D campus, ’69-’72) while hippies got their freak on.

By the age of 16, Adam had left home and was living in the heart of Toronto’s art and music scene, on Queen West. His first real job was “kitchen slave” at Yofi’s restaurant on fabled Baldwin Street, a mecca for vegetarians and green haired punk rockers. While At Yofi’s, Adam met John DesLauriers of the 10 Commandments and l’etranger, and hassled him until finally forming Pigfarm in the mid-80s.

Pigfarm recorded and performed from 1985-1994 in various forms throughout Canada and the United States; and charted number 34 on the college music charts in America (after they had broken up for the first time); and held top honor on most Canadian university radio stations at varying times and enjoyed a publishing deal with Peermusic world wide.